Before you touch-screen silver paste printing

&Nbsp;      before the release paper printing what
do you want to have a friend ask, release paper for screen printing is processed before? because there was often a slightly shorter after the release paper in screen printing for some time, began to ink is full, but once the time is slightly longer, the ink appears SAG and shrink. Why has this come about? how to solve this problem?
in fact, generally speaking, because of the release paper on the surface of silicone oil, so are not suitable for printing, if you want to print, if you want to do ink will not SAG and shrink, to improve ink density to screen printing, which can barely do that. However, Xiao bian recommended is better on a release paper is not printed, because the ink is well attached to the surface of the paper, so the ink is very easy to touch down, scratches. Addition, some people will away from type paper printing good yihou, hope can in above to table a layer not dry rubber, then again will printing of Word turned to products Shang, if hope these Word can fast dry, to added what components of additives compared good?
actually, this to see you wants to transfer to what products Shang, best can select other silk printing process, and not ink, for example can select silk printing away from type oil this class.
  a Word, touch paste suitable for printing, if not forced, select print on the release paper is not recommended, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the future. BACK

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