The use and significance of conductive silver paste

  Conductive silver paste usually refers to printing on conductive substrate, they conduct electricity and ability to exclude accumulation of static charge of silver paste, are usually printed on glass, plastic, ceramics or cardboard on a non-conductive substrate. Conductive silver paste printing process is very wide, such as screen printing, flexography, letterpress, gravure printing and lithography can be used. Film thickness can also request to use the different printing methods, different film thickness on the basis of these resistors, resistance welding and friction resistance varies. Conductive silver paste or thick film pastes and two types of resin. Which are usually made of glass material for adhesive high temperature burning, while the latter is based on synthetic resins as adhesives drying at low temperature or radiation (UV, and EB) curable screen pastes.
conductive silver pulp most common of uses is in computer keyboard conductive line, phone press DOME tablets printing line conductive, line printing, film switch, and potentiometer switch and so on, basically as long as not PET,PC, PVC, PI, FPC,ITO Glass (touch screen dedicated) are is need with conductive silver pulp to printing power of, said of more simple points, for example zhiqian of mobile, looks very of heavy, using Shi also to with antenna, This is conductive because it depends on some metal parts and circuit boards, even every few grams add up to very heavy. And the emergence of conductive silver paste, you solved the problem, because of conductive silver paste is printed on soft line version is always just a few grams in weight, and this is what it does, and the emergence of conductive silver paste was also an era of progress. BACK

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