Sterling Silver application and properties of conductive silver paste

  The so-called silver conductive silver paste, it is water based and contain high conductivity of silver and silver-copper powder, very suitable for PC, PC+ABS materials such as cell phone case, it is characterized by its smooth surface, adhesion, coating is thin, but also has a good electromagnetic shielding effect. This product can also be used for laptops, portable DVD, electrical shielding.
this conductive silver pulp by used of is can spray polymer materials for base material, it using has latest surface physico-chemical technology and process will Super fine tablets-like silver height dispersed to polymer structure in the, while also has tablets-like silver powder of high conductive sex and electromagnetic shield sex, achieved single component water base of EMI Shield silver conductive paint, for phone, and computer, electronic products plastic shell spray, is has excellent EMI Shield effect of high-end electromagnetic shield with conductive paint.
it is mainly used in computers, telephones, wireless devices, mobile phones, radio frequency power amplifier unit, automotive, military equipment.
its features include: excellent shielding effectiveness, water-based, with very low VOC, on a variety of plastics (particularly the PC and PC+ABS) has excellent adhesion and hardness, coating thin, low resistance, excellent film cohesion, can spraying or brushing, quick-drying, excellent job performance, preserving stability. BACK

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