Speak briefly touch screen paste drying problems

&Nbsp;     simple said said touch screen silver pulp of drying problem
today we for said touch screen silver pulp of drying problem, often has new will asked to, they in drying silver pulp Shi, by used of is drying way is with thousand layer car in oven in the drying, and ITO film is is directly and thousand layer car of metal table contact, this way whether for does? sometimes, in drying process in the also will appeared not ITO Film exists contraction phenomenon, Generally speaking, about 100um, this is the case, or lead and another layer of ITO Film for bad. So how can we avoid this situation?
General, ITO film on aging treatment is needed before drying (also called shrinkage. Based on the arguments given by different suppliers of materials, and then combining using an oven temperature or post process the highest temperatures to shrinking of plague can also be, in General, the later process of drying temperature is required to be than to shrink when the temperature is lower).
then in will touch screen silver pulp baking Shi, also must to according to each species silver pulp suppliers by manual in requirements of temperature to for baking, so if directly will ITO Film put in network car Shang, so natural is bad of practices, small series in here recommends can in network car Shang put Shang a Zhang resistance high temperature of iron Buddha Dragon paper (compared cheap), if conditions compared good some of network car so on can directly with stainless steel of plane (compared your); addition also not each species touch screen silver pulp are for each species ITO Film, Before you do need to be tested, and other ink at the time of use, too. BACK

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