Study on additive of conductive silver paste

Conductive paste for solid tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor main components is silver and organic carrier. Conductive silver paste usually uses a certain amount of construction technology of coating on the tantalum electrolytic capacitors, forming solid adhesion and conductive coating with a certain intensity. Silver filler is an important part in the composition, conductive silver paste may contain film material and construction technology of organic solvent composition to complete. In order to meet the requirements of compactness and uniformity, we add anti-settling agent and defoamer are studied through testing we can determine the most appropriate anti-settling agent and defoamer and amount, so as to optimize the performance of silver.
this approach is a choice of two or more anti-settling agent and defoamer for comparative tests, then added to the paste in a certain way, by detecting the silver after settling velocity, shear strength, density and volume resistivity to judge its effect is added to determine best anti-settling agent and defoaming agent and its optimal level. Select different anti-settling agent and defoamer, after ascertaining the optimum dosage, experiment over.
through research found, in silver pulp in the joined anti-sank agent can elimination silver pulp in products surface of flow hanging phenomenon, and will coated film uniform, products of materialized performance on better; addition joined anti-sank agent can makes silver pulp settlement more slow, to optimization dip silver process; and joined chemical elimination bubble agent can elimination has silver pulp in the of bubble, to makes silver pulp coated film dense, used to prevent has by bubble caused of empty, avoid has welding of burst and the stick received of off layer. BACK

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