Part of the conductive silver paste

&Nbsp;      conductive silver pastes, conductivity of silver particles shape and has a close relationship. In General, only particles into spherical or nearly spherical particle. Conductive particles used in conductive ink is not the case, they usually lamellar, flat, needle-like particles as well, especially the lamellar particles. Therefore, the circle is the point of contact between the particles, flaky particles and surface of contact, after printing, if it is flaky particles can overlap each other at a certain thickness of fish scale, so as to better display the conductivity. Round particles would not work in the same ratio, the same volume of cases, flaky particles of up to 10-4, compared with 10-2 in spherical particle resistance.
 , also had an important part in the conductive silver paste is additive, additives are mainly guidance electric silver paste of dispersant, leveling agent, antioxidant, stabilizer of metal particles, and so on. Addition of additives may have an adverse effect on conductivity, so only in necessary cases appropriately and selectively to join.
      conductive silver paste according to the different sintering temperatures, can be divided into low-temperature silver paste, medium-temperature silver paste and high temperature silver paste. Low temperature silver paste which is mainly used in membrane switches and keyboards line above. And the high-temperature sintered silver paste mainly used in solar cells, piezoelectric ceramics, and so on. BACK

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