Analysis on the common touch conductive silver paste

&Nbsp;     analysis of common touch conductive silver paste today we will introduce a touch-screen conductive silver paste, that is JD_201108, it is a thermosetting polymer as Binder, after its use in screen printed conductive line conductive silver paste. This is specifically designed for capacitive touch screen silver ultrafine circuit conductors. Also often used for ITO FILM and ITO General printed conductive lines on the GLASS. Following we for said this paragraph conductive silver pulp of typical uses:
1) capacitor type TP industry ITO FILM and GLASS Super fine loop wire
2) other of special conductive line
this paragraph conductive silver pulp of advantages is:
1) can printing Super fine of silver,
2) regardless of is end of material adhesion also is adaptability are is good
3) in using Shi, also not appeared silver particles off of phenomenon
4) has superior of resistance waiting sex
this kind of conductive silver paste how to store it? mainly pay attention to the following points:
1. JD_201108 best use that is within 6 months of the original container after the factory, so as soon as possible.
2 JD_201108 must be stored in the 5-10 ° c temperature, in addition to remember not to make the ink freezes, so when you don't have to remember them tightly.
3 must be in a cool and well-ventilated place storage, but should also properly handle empty cans, always remember not to dispose of, according to the relevant instructions are needed to deal with.
safe use: touch screen paste if swallowed, fire and is harmful in contact with skin and inhalation of, it must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use, while as far as possible avoid eye contacts skin or clothing, remember not to go near the fire or Blazers, remember to ensure that the air circulation while in use. BACK

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