Overview of solar photovoltaic conductive silver paste

Photovoltaic conductive paste for solar cell is a new technology of conductive silver paste, commonly used in the solar industry. Following this type of conductive silver paste for us.
i.: the inorganic Binder for glass, a conductive silver powder, organic carrier consisting of trace mineral supplement and improve battery performance, which consists mainly of organic solvents and organic resin organic carrier, it is through screen printing or other spray technology to its production on substrate surfaces, dry film formed electrodes.
2. requirements: to have a high conductivity is low cost, stable and good silver-Silicon ohmic contact, good weldability, adhesion, printing performance and suitable for mass production technology. While and wafer firmly attached, acid and alkali erosion also needs to have a certain resistance, water vapor and other. These will have varying degrees of impact on the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.
3. differences: the main composition of raw materials and match ratio of paste, will make each silver enterprises is different, and this recipe is one for each core technology secrets. And route due to technical strength and technology is not the same, it appears some enterprise silver paste product stability best, some optimal weldability.
4. effects: high-performance photovoltaic pastes not only through strong, but good printing properties, this will allow grid lines on the surface of the battery to achieve better aspect ratio, so as to reduce shading of the surface area of the battery, but also can reduce the internal series resistance, better reduce the internal power loss of photocurrent.

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