Analysis of a conductive silver paste

Touch screen pastes, one is dedicated to the conductive silver paste, it was used in conductive adhesives UNINWELL international, mainly divided into the silver conductive adhesive and anisotropic conductive adhesives, including BQ-6770, 6771 series silver conductive adhesive is designed for front and back of the silver conductive adhesive, bond and they have very good electrical conductivity.
of such products is not a solvent, mostly silver-medium single-component epoxy-silver conductive adhesive. It is characterized by high purity, high electrical conductivity, low modulus, and work long, mainly used in wire bonding and other areas that don't require heat curing. Not only that, it also has a large coefficient of thermal conductivity and shear strength, long working hours, high adhesive strength advantages but also has a good oven curing, medium viscosity dispersion, low amounts of volatile substances, and metals also had a good bond.
is particularly suitable for leads, also used in electronic devices and other thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and bonding of the occasion.
at the same time the product was a temporarily-thermosetting conductive paste, its PET, PC and other films have an exceptionally strong adhesion and flexibility (bending), in addition, it also has a very small resistance, good anti-static and anti-electromagnetic radiation effects. BACK

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