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Service commitment
Service commitment
21st century is a service first of new century, products and service is enterprise of life, we has always been is attention products quality and the sale Hou of track, we seeks to through we itself of efforts, let user get most quality of products and first-class of service, for we has increased efforts input user satisfaction service field, and decided to "satisfaction service" for service products brand, determination for user provides quality of variety service products.
process services:
pre-sales services include:
feel free to communicate with customers, understand customer problems in the product is in use in a timely manner, be resolved as soon as possible.
the sale of services including:
provide the necessary product information, quality products, timely delivery, to provide customers with the necessary spare parts, spare parts, customer feedback and complaints handling.
the product after-sales service:
return customers, gather information, customer feedback and complaints handling, technical supervision and inspection of the quality of service.

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