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Buy aluminium paste should pay attention to the appearance of the factor

&Nbsp;       aluminum pigments by exposure to pigment surfaces of light reflection and scattering, resulting in a special it is hard to determine, metal effects distinguish with the naked eye. This effect has a combination effect becomes. Buy aluminium pigment when required careful analysis to identify elements related to buy below briefly.
    aluminum pigments to buy skins:
   . Brightness/white pigment particle thicker shape is round, the higher the proportion of light that is reflected, so the brighter, more white.
    2. Flash Flash means when viewed at different angles, brightness changes. Thicker pigment particles, more round shapes, optically more distinct Flash of color.
    3. Hiding power and distinct image of the pigment particles finer, more irregular the particle structure, higher proportion of scattered light look more uniform and higher covering power, distinct image (DOI), the better. Distinct image of the higher, the more mirror-like effect, coating the surface of the image clearer.
    aluminum pigments to buy the main technical parameters:
    1. Thicker aluminum pigment particle size particle size, bright white Flash and stronger aluminum pigment size fine, and distinct image of the better covering power.
    2. Quality aluminum pigment particle size distribution characteristics and the pigment particle size and particle size distribution system. The narrower particle size distribution more uniform particle size in the description of product, excellent optical properties.
    3. Surface treatment of particle shapes used in the production of metal is malleable, grinding in a ball mill, grinding the atomized spherical Aluminum powder, can form a flaky particles, the shape factor (thick-jingbi) up to 1:50~1:500. Particle shape is irregular (scales), or completely round (Silver circle).
    silver round pigment is the latest generation of products, with excellent optical properties. They used a special, very fine aluminium powder material, through extremely fine processing technology of manufacturing. HYD series and HYH66~100 in my company's product for the silver circle.

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