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Skill of using aluminum pastes

&Nbsp;   aluminum pastes as a kind of metallic pigments, paint is different from other ordinary paint special effects, tricks to do simple explanation of its use.
    1, in order to achieve the satisfaction of special effects, aluminum paste in paint system must be completely distributed, paint should be homogeneously State, does not appear fine. aluminium scales easy to bend and break, In paint production process in the if after high-speed mixing or other continuous dramatic processing, its geometry structure is easy was damage, that appeared rough grain, color dark, cover force reduced, and metal tour moved, bad phenomenon. so not should used high shear force of dispersed means.
    recommends: used pre dispersed way: first select appropriate of solvent or several solvent of mixture, to aluminum silver pulp and solvent than for 1:1 or 1:2 of proportion, will solvent joined aluminum silver pulp in the, Slow mixing to uniform (about 10-20 minutes). in system joined base material. General production in the used advance will aluminum silver pulp with solvent soaking 30 minutes Hou again line slow mixing.
    2, and aluminum silver pulp of diluted select main by formula by determine of paint material and set. non-floating type aluminum silver pulp can widely used polar and non-polar solvent, as fat family or aromatic class, fat class (as acetic acid d FAT), ketone class (as methyl b ketone, methyl different butyl ketone), alcohol class (as ethanol).
    3, chlorinated solvents (halogen ...) Does not apply share Yu any aluminum silver pulp pigment. chloride solvent will release out HCL, and subtle of aluminum pigment occurred chemical reactions.
    4, and many common of paint base material as oily varnish base material, c dilute acid fat, alkyd, ring itch ester and water base material, are can application in non-floating type aluminum silver pulp pigment. General for, any paint base material or solvent as long as and aluminum silver pulp of solvent carrier compatible, and not on aluminum silver pulp caused chemical damage are is right of.
&Nbsp;   special note of is: Aluminum is a lively metal, paint material acid price should control in 7 following.
    5, and Dang a containing aluminum silver pulp of paint system need joined metal driers Shi, on non-floating type aluminum silver pulp,, only not and aluminum scales surface Shang of fatty acids reaction of driers party can using, recommends selection drill, and zirconium, and manganese driers.
     6, add:
    Surface > add 1%-4%
  silver aluminum paste primer 4%-10%
    the proportion of aluminum paste to add single-layer aluminum pastes in metallic paint add 5%-13%
    paint, cans, And the volume material paint aluminum silver pulp added proportion 10%-13%
    7, and coated film surface is parallel directed Shi, reached best effect. parallel directed poor will led to cloudy or diffuse reflection phenomenon. tablets-like pigment of directed and formula and the construction conditions about. solvent of volatile caused wet coated film of contraction, eventually will aluminum pigment pressure into level directed location. paint in the solvent content more high, this role more strong. this on explained has tablets-like pigment directed of phenomenon. so, Low solid copies of paint of optical nature to ratio solid copies paint of better.
    solvent of volatile will caused wet film internal strongly of Eddy, but if solvent volatile too slow, on will formed so-called of with na, de Vortex, hinder aluminum pigment of parallel directed (produced turbidity phenomenon).
    can using resin prompted solvent volatile (as ester d cellulose CAB), There is some additives. they can fix Flake pigment. reports, wax dispersion can have "compartmentation" surfactants have similar functionality. but should first test its functionality before use.
    Note: in a certain range of relatively low solids coatings the optical properties much better than relatively high solid coatings.

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