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Aluminum paste expert teach you from packing distinguish true and false coatings

Here we have to mention a word-transfer barrels. What is a turning barrel? Is buying brand-name paint paint waste barrels filling fake post all over again, pretending to be a brand-name paint sales. How to avoid buying process, "true or false" paint? Differences from the drum. We need to look at three things:
(1) is there a production license, such as the packaging of dangerous goods permit from the country.
(2) product choice of raw materials, new material best.
(3) see the products of various performance indicators. Such as mechanical strength, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and aluminum paste experts remind us that we view the product parameters according to different purposes to consider.
in recent years, with the improvement of coating production in China, had become the second paint producer in the world, demand for its products has been gradually expanding, figures show, the demand for high quality coating drums has become even more prominent. Coating products should be stored in a clean, dry, airtight container, the container bear a label, description, product type, name, batch number, capacity, production plant and the production date.
aluminum paste experts also reminds us that when purchasing paint or you can shop for the product test reports. If agents, agents usually have the corresponding supporting documents.

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