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How to tell quality aluminium paste

Aluminium paste, that itself has a good Flash and high hiding power, is widely used in appliance paint, and automotive paint. Aluminum pastes with their own advantages has been one of consumers rushing to buy paint. For outsiders, first-time buyers will not start. How can we buy a quality paint it? Gino aluminum paste paint experts today for our high quality aluminium paste product selection skills.
us when choosing a product, need to observe the diameter and thickness of aluminum powder is evenly dispersed floats is good. Because of thin, large scale has a high floating, floating also depends on overall density difference of scale, also under the influence of surface treatment agents. Saturated fatty acids and non-polar solvents in General dealing with lower unsaturated fatty acid and polar solvents have better floating. For non-leafing aluminum pastes, although not float important indicators, but also affected the film dazzled, in addition, non-floating aluminum paste also has a good wetting and dispersion.
we can float from the aluminum paste and Aluminum powder diameter and thickness to easily distinguish product quality is good or bad. Baoding Gino metal material limited company is a company engaged in aluminum, aluminum paste product research and development of high-tech enterprises.

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