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Aluminum pastes back black, gloss, rough

When using paints, we found a problem: black, gloss aluminum paste products, return to crude. Many people wonder, in this article, our pigment researchers recommend Silver Star for this phenomenon for several reasons and solutions.
experts point out that aluminum paste this phenomenon arises because the products in the production process of oxidized or contaminated. Aluminum pastes in the production process is oxidation, sulfide, or alcohol, resulting in a black, affecting film appearance. Or the process of screening or other vulnerability to pollution, or other black metal impurities caused by pollution, loss of gloss. There is also a reason is because adding the distribution agents or other additives containing double bonds, making the product in the presence of oxygen the aerobic return to thick aggregations that appear.
to find the root cause of the problem, then we talk about oxidation of aluminum paste solution.
first of all, we are in the production and storage of products should be isolated as much as possible in the process of contact with oxygen.
in addition, we also can use phosphite antioxidant, it can effectively prevent free radical polymerization, while chelating metal ion impurities, prevents product oxidation changes color. The antioxidant and low acid value, the system will not have any effect.
the above two methods do not resolve the discoloration of aluminum paste problems, but within a certain range will effectively solve the aluminum paste black, gloss, return to the rough.

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