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Aluminum pastes related categories are there?

&Nbsp;  aluminum silver pulp can is divided into floating type and the non-floating type two big class, floating type silver pulp for its low surface tension and floating Yu coated film surface, has very high of reflective sex and the plating chrome effect, but aluminum tablets easy from paint film surface off, caused heavy coated difficult, should for anti-corrosion, and roofing, and slot tank, occasions; non-floating type silver pulp can was paint completely wetting, uniform to distribution in whole paint film in the, and has sinking of trend, coated film solid stable, also can heavy coated cover light, large application Yu transport, and furniture, and electronic products, and Coil and other occasions.
    aluminum paste usually can be separated into imitation electroplating silver, fine silver, Flash. Fine silver with an average grain diameter minimum, minimum brightness; average particle diameter silver Flash, brightest; imitation silver electroplating average particle diameter in the middle of fine silver or silver Flash, brightness of fine silver or silver Flash.

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