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Analysis of application of aluminium paste in paint industry

&Nbsp;       containing aluminum powder pigment of effect paint to reached excellent of gloss, and flashing sex, and Ming brightness, and cover force, and coloring force, and with angle different color effect, and fresh reflected sex, and floating sex, performance, and must after good of dispersed, but dispersed Shi should note following tips and recommends:
Tips: aluminum scales easy bent and broken, in paint production process in the if after high-speed mixing or other continuous dramatic of processing,  Its geometric structure could easily be destroyed, appear coarse, dark, reduce coverage and metal vacillating and other adverse phenomena and high shear dispersing means should not be used.
recommendations: it is recommended that pre-dispersed way: select a suitable solvent or solvent mixture.  Aluminium powder slurry with solvent ratio of l:1 or 1:2, aluminium paste of the solvent, slowly stirring to evenly (about 10~20min), wetting agent or dispersant in the system.
many commonly used coating base material of resin systems such as oil varnish base material, acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane and aqueous Binder, are leafing and non-leafing aluminum pastes pigment. In General, any paint Binder or solvent as long as and aluminum paste of solvent-soluble, and does not cause chemical damage to aluminum pastes are appropriate.  Worthy of note are: Aluminum is amphoteric metal, paint should be controlled below 7 acid value.
choice of solvent flux selection determined by the formula
depends on the paint. Non-leafing aluminum pastes can be widely used in polar flux, such as aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters (such as butyl acetate), ketones (such as methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone), alcohol (such as ethanol). Leafing aluminum pastes can be used only non-polar solvent, preferably aliphatic or aromatic solvent of high surface tension, especially oil solvent, diphenyl, toluene and high Flash naphtha, because they promote outstanding float. Effect of moisture will cause rising aluminum reacts with hydrogen, should strictly control the paint in the water below 0.15%, Bayer dehydrating agent is recommended OF remove, paint, solvent or diluted material in too much water.  Aqueous solvent is not appropriate for any aluminum pastes pigment.
aluminum paste options
aluminum pastes pigment particle size and particle size distribution on color, hiding power, optically and the luster has a crucial influence, so particle size distribution is an important parameter when selecting aluminum paste cannot be ignored, in choosing aluminum paste, select size and particle size distribution and stability of products. Grain degrees and grain degrees distribution does not is select aluminum silver pulp of only technology parameter, even grain degrees and grain degrees distribution same, after different surface processing or aluminum scales shape different, also will led to tones, hue or metal sense, white degrees, with angle different color effect, optical effect of differences, so eventually need what aluminum silver pulp pigment, also need for sample playing Board and model reference compared analysis determine.

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