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Mayor of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Mayor Feng conductive materials, Ltd {paper} is a set of scientific research, production, trade in high-tech enterprise, the company has a full exploration and pioneering spirit of the research groups, and with the domestic famous universities and research institutes have stable and close relations of cooperation, technical resources, and strong. Electronics materials industry specializing in the production and development of conductive silver paste and other products, providing customers with high quality membrane switches and screen printed conductive inks, as well as a strong technical support. Since established yilai, company has made has fruitful of results, independent development development out has in advanced level of production preparation technology, company can quality to industrialization production silver pulp, and conductive silver pulp, and silver pulp recycling, and aluminum silver pulp, and water silver pulp, and electronic silver pulp, and low temperature conductive silver pulp, and touch screen silver pulp, and plating silver pulp, and Nano Silver pulp, and film switch silver pulp, and shield silver pulp, and EL silver pulp, and pressure sensitive resistance silver pulp, and silver carbon graphite pulp, and insulation ink, more varieties electronic line material products, currently company silver pulp products has formed at room temperature, and low temperature , Medium temperature, high temperature conductive silver paste series models, the technology is mature. Clients of the company again announced electronic, plastics, toys, information communication, cosmetic care, printing almost throughout the whole electronics industry, specific use: computer keyboard, touch screen, EL El, membrane switches, cell phone screen, solar cells, car rear window defog lines, chip Capacitance Inductance and resistance, GPS antenna, PCB hole filling, and so on.

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